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  To Provide the citizens of Broomfield with thoughtful representation to assure efficient, effective and financially responsible local government and to sustain and enhance the quality of life attributes of our community.

Providing Energetic, Engaging, Experienced Leadership

Upcoming Mayoral Events:

CASA @ Stonebrook @ 7:30 10/19/27

Gate N Green Meet and Greet @ 5:00 pm @ Clubhouse 10/19/17

Rotary @ 6:00pm 12/19/17

SPC for NATA , 7:30 10/20/2017

Senior Resources Gala @ Marriott @ 5:30pm 10/20/2107

Lincoln Dinner @ Broomfield Community Center, 280 Spader Way @ 6:00 10/21/17

Front Range Mobile Park, 7:30 10/23/17

City Council meeting @ 6:00 10/24/17

North Area Transit Alliance, ACED @ 7;30 10/26/17

Rotary @ 6:00 pm 10/26/17

Harvest Festival @ Broomfield Crescent Grange @ 4:00pm 10/29/2107

Highway 7 Meeting, Broomfield HHS @ 8:30 10/27/17

FISH Harvest Of Hope, Omni Hotel 500 Interlocken @ 11:00 10/27/17

Precious Child Luncheon @ Omni @ 11;30 10/31/17

ADCOG: Dinner with Adams County, 6:00 pm, site to be determined 11/1/2017

US 36 Mayors & Commissions, Superior Town Hall @ 7:30 11/2/2107

One Book One Broomfield w/ Blake Couch, AUDI @ 5:00 pm 11/2/2017

Thespian Awards , Legacy High School @ 7:00pm 11/4/17

Mayors Luncheon, Commerce City @ Noon 11/7/2017

Election Results viewing @ Delveckios @ 6:30pm 11/7/2017

Contact Information:

                          Email:   Randy@RandyAhrensBroomfieldmayor.com

                          Phone:  303/469-1498
                          FaceBook:   https://www.facebook.com/RandyAhrensForBroomfieldMayor

                          To Contribute to Campaign:
                          Mail Checks to:    1901 Aspen Street, Broomfield CO 80020/ Made out to :  Ahrens Mayoral Campaign Committee
                          Wendy Ahrens & Bobbi Spader  Treasurers   

     Letters to the Editor:

Enterprise Letter for Opinion Column

I believe I know the pulse of Broomfield rather well. I have a unique experience and knowledge of how this community’s heart beats and have the contacts to get agenda items accomplished in a team-like community spirited fashion.  I have an extensive background in providing support for Broomfield’s  non-profit organizations  and plan to continue my involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Open Space Foundation & Broomfield Community Foundations to name a few.

I’m essentially a Broomfield native as my folks moved to Broomfield in the mid-sixties.  Both of my daughters, Ashley & Amy, graduated from BHS, as did I. I was a member of the grassroots citizen’s group to form the City & County of Broomfield and later, was twice elected to the Broomfield City Council serving 2001-2009 and as Mayor Pro-Tem for several years.

I worked hard on many local committees as well as being appointed by Governor Owens to the Regional Air Quality Corp, the 1st Broomfield person so honored. I was also Council’s Representative to Colorado Counties Inc and National Association of Counties working on Health & Human Services issues. I championed Zero Based Budgeting & the city’s Master Financial Plan, which has lead to 16 weeks of tax revenues held in reserve and a very solid financial position for Broomfield.  In the past I worked for 6 years in the Oil & Gas Industry as an engineer which led to my sponsoring an ordinance to increase the set- backs between abandoned wells and residential lots.

I helped to found the North Area Transit Alliance to try and leverage regional support for getting our fair tax-payer share of FasTracks projects and money.  We need to continue to work arduously on completing the 470 loop around the Denver Metro area which will enable us to take advantage of millions of dollars in milestone payments.  I also wish to investigate better east/west traffic flow through the city.

In the last 4 years, I have initiated several new programs and events to benefit our community.  The Broomfield 100 challenge , a trails walk to encourage the use of our 280 city maintained trails. Volunteer Appreciation day { August 9th 2107 this year} which acknowledges the contributions of our citizens to help the many activities throughout the city , State of the City Presentation { of which I've presented numerous times to Chamber, Corporations, City and Rotary clubs} to showcase what is happening in our city. The creation of the  State Highway 7 group to investigate Bus Rapid Transit and street connections from Brighton to Boulder.

I promise to continue to protect your rights and your freedoms to make choices in our vibrant, growing community.  I promise to try and bring new business opportunities that lead to sustainable jobs and rising incomes for all, to practice good government to protect your right to live according to your own values, to protect your civil liberties and economic freedoms, and assist business growth while not getting in the way via too much government interference. I promise to listen to all points of view before forming and promoting a reasonable consensus to benefit everyone. I believe I am the right candidate, at the right time, to work with the various groups in Broomfield and bring them together for the benefit of all of us. 

For more information about my past service to Broomfield please check out my website or Facebook page, www.randyahrensbroomfieldmayor.com

It is important to acknowledge that the last year has been difficult for Broomfield.    Now that the Oil and Gas Comprehensive Plan Update Committee’s chapter is in the hands of Council, it is imperative that Broomfield elect a Mayor who will support the recommendations of this Committee and who will strive to advance the Committee’s tough standards at the state level.  

I have known Randy for over twenty years and had the pleasure of serving with him on City Council.  Randy is part of the group of folks that have helped make Broomfield truly unique. 

The accomplishments of this nonpartisan group range from achieving the dream of Broomfield becoming its own county in 2001 to the creation and funding of Broomfield’s extensive open space program which is very close to achieving its 40% open lands goal.  In addition, Randy has served with me on the Broomfield Open Space Foundation’s Board since its inception.  

Because of my long history with Randy Ahrens, I strongly encourage Broomfield to reelect him as our Mayor.

Pat Quinn

Best Regards,  Randy Ahrens

An Endorsement from Mayor Herb Atchinson of Westminster:

For more than four years Randy and I have worked together to strengthen the working relationships between Broomfield and Westminster. Through that relationship we have seen improvements to economic development that benefits both communities. We have seen the completion of the US 36 roadway project that was over 10 years in the making. We are working hard on the completion of the north I-25 construction projects and other transportation opportunities as part of the North Area Transit Alliance. We are working on and will continue to work on the completion of the Northwest Rail project bringing commuter rail to both Broomfield and Westminster. It is because of this great working relationship we share that both cities receive benefits. I strongly encourage all of Broomfield to keep an outstanding leader as their next Mayor.

I'm excited to support Broomfield's next mayor, Randy Ahrens. Randy is the real deal and offers everything Broomfield should look for in a strong community leader: Deep family and local roots, wide experience and service, a positive vision and the skills and personality to lead the city forward.

I've known Randy many years and watched him play a leading role on City Council and as mayor pro tem, as Broomfield grew into a dynamic economic center at the same time it preserved its desirable atmosphere and quality of life. Randy's leadership was key to that healthy development. Randy was a driving force for such enrichments as open space, dog parks and other family friendly venues in Broomfield.

He has a detailed plan to guide the city toward improved transportation, plenty of green and open space and a thriving economic base.

Randy's extensive experience in local and regional government is complemented by a strong business sense and vision to help jobs and opportunity flourish here. His years of leadership in the Chamber of Commerce give him a well informed sense of the challenges that employers and service providers face in adding value to their community.

Randy offers Broomfield a well-seasoned, liked and respected leader who's been serving our community for years. There are lots of kinds of politicians. Some have a few attractive ideas, but lack common sense or knowledge of the big picture. Others give a nice speech, but lack organization and follow through. Still others rely excessively on special interests and groups with narrow agendas. Randy Ahrens pulls together all the skills and experience necessary to help steer our town in a healthy, livable direction.

I'm voting for Randy Ahrens.

Shawn Mitchell, Former Colorado State Senator District 33, Broomfield

As my involvement in Broomfield has increased, I find it remarkable that Randy Ahrens and I have experienced many similar roles in the community. I currently serve as chairman of the board of the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce, a position which Randy held before me. I initially met Randy when I was elected to the Broomfield Chamber board, on which Randy was already serving on the executive committee. Working together with the other board members we successfully obtained funding to create the Business Resource Center and were able to help to hire a director to run it.

When I became involved with the Broomfield Economic Development Corp., I found Randy sitting next to me. We worked with regional developers, business owners and government officials to improve local economic and development issues. Randy always shared insightful commentary and city status updates for the business community.

As I expanded my community involvement with the Broomfield Community Foundation. On different occasions Randy and I were both fortunate to be paired with Sophie Payannet of Danse Etoile Ballet to perform in the annual Dancing with the Broomfield Stars fundraising event.

It's been my privilege to share some of the same experiences as Randy. Out of my understanding of the importance of community involvement comes my conviction that Randy Ahrens is the perfect choice to be the next mayor of Broomfield. Please join me and make Randy your choice for mayor.

Tom Orlando, Owner , Housing Helpers Broomfield Anthem Highlands resident

The angry divide in Washington is at its worst right now. Everyday we are given opportunities to take sides and unfortunately defer our thought and reasoning to political parties that marginalize you and me.

The mayoral race in Broomfield is not supposed to be a party race, but it seems like it is getting pushed that way. The most common question that I hear, " Is he a Republican or a Democrat?" A lot of people made up their mind when they found out who was the "D" and "R." I'm supporting Randy Ahrens because he is a proven Broomfield leader. Like me, he's a Broomfield High School graduate that was intentional about making a difference in his boyhood home. I appreciate that as a father of three. Randy has been a part the growth of Broomfield and understands why sensible policies work.

We need leadership that gets Broomfield. This race doesn't have anything to do with the Affordable Care Act, government shutdown or debt ceiling debate. The aim of national party politics seems to be to polarize and hoard voters. We don't need that here. We have two candidates that are good people and have served our community. Party politics should be left out as was intended. Randy Ahrens embodies Broomfield. through countless instances of service and commitment. This isn't a Republican or Democrat vote. It's a Broomfield vote. I'm voting for Randy Ahrens.

Steven Higgins, Lifelong Broomfield Resident, Former Owner Higgy's Ice Cream w/ Wife Pauline, Financial Advisor

I met Randy Ahrens 15 years ago while working on the campaign to create the city and county of Broomfield. Randy was an informed and energetic volunteer. The result of that campaign was a more approachable government that has saved the taxpayers millions of dollars.

When Randy became a member of Broomfield City Council, he demonstrated great insight regarding many issues. This was never more evident than at budgeting time. Randy introduced the concept of "zero-based budgeting."

Most departments of government look at how much money they received last year and ask for a little more for the coming year. Randy's opinion was that each department should start at zero and justify all of the dollars they said they needed to serve the public for the coming year.

Council agreed with Randy. The concept of zero-based budgeting has increased efficiency and has placed Broomfield's focus on the delivery of services.

Randy has done many good things for this community through his volunteer work with the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce, Broomfield Rotary and the Broomfield Open Space Foundation to name a few. It all comes from his heart. Our community needs more volunteers like Randy. We need a volunteer like Randy to be our mayor. Randy is a hometown boy who truly cares about Broomfield, its people and its businesses. He has my vote. I hope he will have yours.

Clark Griep, Former Mayor Pro-Tem City & County of Broomfield, Business Owner

: A vote for Ahrens is a vote for Broomfield

I am a father of three wonderful young adults, two boys and one girl; grandfather of five, three boys and two girls. My wife and I are very proud to say they were raised in Broomfield. We feel very fortunate that our children were raised in a city that has the best people, men and women alike, that help make this city run as well as it does.

Our chief of police, Tom Deland, and the men and women that make up our police department are second to none in the state of Colorado. Our Charles Ozakis, Kevin Standbridges, Julie Mosers, along with the men and women who make up our city staff and employees, all serve us so very well. Our Walt Spaders, Sam Taylors, Greg Stokeses and Betty Ericksons, Republican, Democrat or independent, work to serve their respective wards and our commnunity for all of our best interests, the city of Broomfield.

Broomfield is a growing community and will continue to do so, and it takes all of these wonderful people that work day in and day out to make Broomfield the city that it is today.

Randy Ahrens has worked closely with our Broomfield city staff and I know they speak highly of him, and that is why a vote for Ahrens is a vote for Broomfield.

I am humbled to be able to write this letter on behalf of Randy Ahrens and very proud to vote for him, because Randy Ahrens will move us forward as mayor of Broomfield, no matter what our affiliations may be. And that is why a vote for Ahrens is a vote for Broomfield.

Randy Ahrens is well aware that the city and county of Broomfield is growing, and along with that growth comes traffice and congestion on our streets, and this is an issue that is not going away and an issue that needs to be addressed now and not down the road. I know that it is an issue that Randy Ahrens will face head on as mayor, just as he did with open space, the financial master paln and the dog park. That is why a vote for Ahrens is a vote for Broomfield.

Steven R. Oser, Former DEA Agent & Navy Seal, Business Owner


Broomfield Enterprise letter to the editor: Ahrens has right mix of skills for mayor

Broomfield's mayoral election is a non-partisan race, but each candidate is affiliated with one of the two major political parties.

Having never found the core values/positions of either party to be consistently ones that I could embrace, I have remained an independent. Accordingly, I approach every election focused on which candidate will be best for the position. I believe Randy Ahrens is our best choice for three primary reasons.

First is Randy's extensive business background. Randy began as a field engineer and shortly was a division manager for Gearhart Industries. In 1991, Randy started his own business, Frontier Components, and in 1993 another company, Commtronics, that he sold in 2010. Having spent most of my 40-year career in senior financial management, I know the lessons Randy has learned from our free market system. There are certainly effective elected officials who do not have a business background, but my observation is that business experience typically makes for a more effective elected official.

The competitive landscape of business simply does not exist to any meaningful degree in government. Business requires very dynamic, yet focused, decision making. The free market not only rewards success, but also punishes failure very effectively. Government systems cannot be designed with nearly as effective of a system of rewards and punishments. There are major differences in how businesses and governments are run, as there should be. Randy knows this and has the proper experience, having served on City Council for eight years from 2001 to 2009.

Nonprofits operate somewhere between business and government, so Randy's extensive nonprofit service as chair of the Broomfield chamber, director of Broomfield Rotary and director of Broomfield Open Space has sharpened that skill set.

Bottom line, Randy has a perfect blend of extensive business and strong city government and nonprofit experience that will enable him to be extremely effective as the mayor of Broomfield.

Seth Patterson, Member Broomfield Community Foundation & Business Owner and Long time Broomfield Resident

Broomfield Enterprise letter to the editor: Voting Ahrens for mayor

Randy Ahrens is a candidate for Broomfield mayor in the 2013 November election. Randy has served on City Council (2001-2009) and has been mayor pro tem.

I had the privilege to serve on City Council with Randy for six years of his eight years in office. Throughout his time on council, Randy placed the interests of the citizens of Broomfield at the top of his priority list. He spent countless hours studying the many documents associated with new developments, proposed city ordinances for the health, welfare and safety of Broomfield citizens, and all those other issues that came before council. Randy approached each council action with his concern for the employment opportunities for residents, he maintained a frugal approach to spending, and constantly looked for ways to improve the performance of city government. First and foremost Randy gave careful consideration to every decision, without regard to partisan politics, to reach the best results for Broomfield taxpayers.

Regional issues were not ignored by Randy. To the contrary, he was active in several organizations and activities of a regional nature, especially in the areas of transportation system improvements. But that involvement was performed with a constant focus on the benefits to Broomfield as a community. Too often regional cooperation is given as a reason to spend Broomfield taxpayers' money on projects that more of the region should fund, not just Broomfield.

Randy served as mayor pro tem, and in that role represented Broomfield with other governmental agencies and conducted council meetings when the mayor was unavailable. That opportunity has prepared Randy well to be the next mayor of Broomfield.

Randy has been active in the Broomfield community in many roles; Chamber of Commerce (chairman 2011), Rotary (director 2011-2013), Community Foundation, Open Space Foundation, Relay for Life, soccer and softball coach. His commitment to Broomfield is exceptional. A Broomfield High and Colorado State University graduate and business owner, he has a proven record of involvement in the Broomfield community with significant accomplishments (see randyahrensbroomfieldmayor.com).

I will be voting for Randy Ahrens for mayor because I have watched closely his exemplary conduct and performance as a council member and mayor pro tem. His broad involvement in our community gives Randy the understanding and knowledge of the issues and the perspective to achieve positive results. He will provide excellent leadership and direction for our community.

Walt Spader,  Former Broomfield Mayor and Resident in Anthem Ranch in Broomfield

Enterprise Article


 Randy Ahrens Will be a Great Mayor


I met Randy 8 years ago when he knocked on my door and introduced himself by saying “my name is Randy Ahrens, currently a member of the Broomfield City Council, and I am running for re-election and I would like your vote”. He went on to say he would be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns I may have, which he did for the next 45 minutes (I had a few questions). I was impressed then, as I am today, with Randy’s candidness and his willingness to address any issue without the usual political double talk. Since that first encounter, I would see Randy at various community functions and he always remembered our initial discussion which formed the basis for easy conversion thereafter. 

I got to know Randy much better after he joined the Broomfield Rotary of which I had been a member since coming to Broomfield some 10 years ago. After joining Rotary, Randy immediately got involved. He took the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self”, to mean just that. He became an active participant in numerous Rotary community projects such as:

Broomfield For Heroes (fundraiser for charitable organizations in Broomfield)

Police & Fire Golf Tournament (fundraiser for the families of Broomfield Police Officers and North Metro Fire Fighters who are injured or lost in the line of duty).

Relay For Life, which he chairs (fundraiser for the National Cancer Society)

Santa Cops (Rotary commits funding and manpower to assist the Broomfield Police Officers in giving presents to needy children in the community)

Rotary Bingo (Broomfield Rotary’s primary fund raising activity that has enabled Rotary to give over $200,000 to this community over the last several years).

Randy has become a true Rotarian in every sense of the word but that is not why I am supporting him for Mayor. The reason I am supporting him goes back to our first meeting when he demonstrated his willingness to take a position without the political varnish.

John Abboud

Broomfield Resident & North Metro Fire District Board Member

Ahrens supports  Open Space

Election letters

Multiple surveys of Broomfield residents have shown that open space is a vital component of what makes Broomfield a great community to live in. For over two decades the collaborative efforts by City Councils, mayors, city staff, the (Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee), community foundations and citizen volunteers have made tremendous progress in obtaining open space for all to enjoy. Their sustained efforts have enhanced our quality of life for today and for future residents.

Since open space issues are very important to me, the first question I had for Randy Ahrens when he ran for City Council in 2001 was, "Where do you stand on open space?" His position of support was solid and well thought out. When he won his seat, Randy did as he had promised. He was a man of his word.

While he represented Ward 4, Randy worked with the OSTAC for many years as liaison between the group and City Council. He was an advocate for ensuring preservation of open space for future generations by vigorously supporting a ballot issue that would make the conversion of open space for "other uses" constrained by a citizen vote. He gave strong backing to the Metzger Farm acquisition, a collaborative approach between Broomfield and Westminster, that resulted in a "crown jewel" open space area for both, but saved Broomfield 65 percent of the cost we were originally negotiating for.

As a citizen volunteer, he has worked with the Broomfield Open Space Foundation in numerous projects. His down to earth hands on approach speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. In addition, Randy supports strong economic development which is financially imperative for open space acquisition and understands the many other complex issues which are facing our community.

Broomfield has had exceptional stewardship of open space. Randy Ahrens will continue the excellent tradition. I am looking forward to casting my vote for Randy this fall.

Richard Erickson,


The RACE for MAYOR is on, and “What should Broomfield’s new Mayor look like”? Why is it important anyway?

I hope you’ve already asked yourself these questions. I’ve lived here for 12 years, and watched some really incredible growth. Just look at how much Downtown Broomfield has grown. I can’t wait to take the light-rail all the way to DIA.

Oh wait, that’s right --- the busses are coming. There never really was a downtown in Broomfield, and no there’s no 470 connect that’s going to take anybody from here to the mountains any time soon.

Do you still think who’s the Mayor of Broomfield isn’t important?

Broomfield will eventually catch up with itself, all good cities eventually do, just look at Detroit.

See what I mean? It is important who the next Mayor is, and the one after that too.

Broomfield keeps getting passed by. We need a Mayor that will make sure tax dollars collected in Broomfield are really spent in Broomfield.

The next Mayor needs to figure out what’s going on in Broomfield and not worry so much about what’s happening regionally.

The person I’m thinking of, Randy Ahrens, has a real pro-business background and sensibility that arises from running his own company. He’s a real dog person, but knows cats too and how to herd them. Randy has a caring attitude which comes from being part of the Broomfield community for over 50 years. It comes naturally that he would spend countless hours of his life volunteering on community boards, with non-profits and as a city councilman.

I was lucky enough to work shoulder to shoulder with Randy Ahrens during my days on the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors.  Randy served as Chairman. He really showed his ability to lead as well as work with others.

Dave Fowler, Immediate Past Chair of Brommfiled Chamber of Commerce and owner of Century Chevrolet

In getting to know Randy I have come to realize he just doesn’t know Broomfield’s history, he has been a part of it. I’ve always felt it to be important to know where you’ve been to have a clue as to where you’re going.

I’m ready to see Broomfield have a great Mayor, one for the history books.

 It is said, a great Mayor plants seeds of trees he’ll never sit in the shade of. I say a great Mayor knows when to not let your city get passed over again.

Eventually Broomfield will catch up with itself, it has to. Please vote Randy Ahrens Broomfield’s next Mayor, the future will thank you.

Dave Fowler, Immediate Past Chair of Bromfiled Chamber of Commerce and owner of Century Chevrolet & Broomfield Resident