Randy Ahrens Broomfield Mayor                


Mayor/            **  Initiated " State of the City" presentations with the local Broomfield Chamber.

                                  **     Created the "Highway 7 Coalition" to better understand all communities visions and allow the corridor
                                           to be developed in a logical manner allowing for Bus Rapid Transit from Boulder to Brighton. Already

                                  **     Lead the successful landing of the Butterfly Pavilion to relocate into Broomfield as part of our Science City
                                           project along with a Adam 12 5 Star STEM school in a single location.

                                  **     Help to formulate a plan and then implement a successful Charter with many communities to further
                                           study the routing and traffic pathways for the Jefferson Parkway and completion of transportation to
                                           encircle the entire Metro Denver region. Currently, the last parcel of property has been acquired and
                                           a West Connect Coalition has been formed to determine best outcome and roadway locations.

                                  **     Came up with the idea to promote Open Space & Trails and concurrently promote healthy habits by
                                           envisioning the " Broomfield 100 Mayor Challenge" { www.broomfield.org/broomfield100}

                                  **     Became  Chair of the North Area Transit Alliance  for  2016, and will serving as immediate past chair
                                            in 2017.

                                  **     Persuaded the North I-25 Alliance to expand focus to include I-25 from 120th Ave which includes the
                                          most important traffic junction in the north area at the intersection of Hwy 7 & I-25.

                                  **     Routinely made Economic retention visits with major employers, Level 3, MWH, Noodles, Ball                                                                                                                      Sandoz , White Wave Foods, Zoll etc.
                                          Also participated in many in business attraction and aided in securing SCL Health bringing 900 new jobs
                                          to Broomfield. The past 2 year we were able to land some exciting new projects: Ikea, Chase Data Center, Vieaga,
                                          Partners Group and Jax with over 1 Billion in new investment into the community.

                                  **    Started tradition of having Council members participate at the City Tent @ Broomfield Days.

                                  **    Proposed and was able to formulate yearly calendar schedule accommodating time for vacations and
                                         consolidating Council study sessions dates.

                                   **  Working with Hotel Coalition led by Omni Hotel & REsort and Visit Denver to bring local conventions
                                         to Broomfield and utilizing Broomfield Event Center.

                                   **   Contacted AEG, whom run the Event Center, to bring in more family friendly events. Also pushed and
                                          was successful in Bringing the K-Love Christian Christmas concert to our venue.

                                   **    Worked with Fish in securing new facility. Fish just enjoyed their ground breaking in June 2017.

                                   **    Participated with local school events..." Legacy High Schools Band Competition, Presented Numerous  
                                           trophies for Broomfield High School Champion assemblies, Attended Emerald School Spring Social,
                                           Attended Aspen Creek Story night, presented dictionaries @ Birch with Broomfield Rotary.

                                    **    Volunteer every year @ The 9 News Health Fair as treasurer @ BUMC.

                                    **    Participated in US 36 BRT & Tollway discussions and was opening speaker for Segment 1 Opening day.
                                             The BRT is already running at 50% over projections for bus ridership.

                                    **    Maintained focus on Zero Based Budgeting and promoted Department Head budget presentations. Actually
                                             suggested this mechanism be utilized statewide in Metro Mayors forum.

                                    **    Began program to recognize city volunteers and will have first Appreciation day August 2016, The city
                                             now recognizes we receive 44,000 hours of donated time worth well over a million dollars saving. The 2nd year
                                             will be on behalf of Cody Oser, a Peace Corp volunteer who left us way too early.

                                    **    Assisted with Economic Development folks to land IKEA to the north side of Broomfield.

                                     **  Working directly with Flatirons Mall to help attract family friendly retailers. Looking to bring in new exciting
                                            family friendly products.        

                                      **  Received the Home Builders Associations endorsement this week. Very proud to accept after the work we accomplished            

                                             to pass an ordinance allowing contractors the right to correct building issues and thus paving the way for more workforce
                                             Condo projects to be constructed in Broomfield.

Council / Mayor Pro-Tem:     *    Championed Zero Based Budgeting  in 2002 in Budgeting process as well as leading council on a Overall        
                                                                                   Master Financial Plan for the new City & County.

                                                                             *    Proposed  Ordinance  to provide increased and  adequate setbacks for residential houses rather
                                                                                   then being constructed directly atop abandoned oil wells.

                                                                             *   Heard an idea from a Colorado Counties Inc meeting to provide " Dog Parks " on future designated park 
                                                                                  sites that were yet to be developed, and was able to convince fellow council members to move forward   and                                                                                   create  initial  Dog Park @ the Commons.

                                                                             *   Initial Member and co-creator of the North Area Traffic Alliance { NATA }. This group was comprised of
                                                                                   of other city and county elected officials in the north metro area. this groups primary purpose was to
                                                                                   insure money would be equally distributed to the north area after the "fast tracks" funding was passed.
                                                                                   Wanted to insure our citizens recieved their fair share of transportation funding, especially when it looked 
                                                                                   like we may not.

                                                                             *   Appointed by Governor Owens to Regional Air Quality Commission { RAQC } and was 1st Broomfield 
                                                                                  represent and representative ever to work on board. Served for 6 years 2002-2008.

                                                                              *   Executive Director for the Broomfield Economic Development Corporation from 2001 - 2007

                                                                              *   Council appointment to the Open Space & Trails  Committee 2001-2007

                                                                              *   Council Representative on the Parks & Recreation Committee from 2005-2009

                                                                              *  My initiative led to having local church  pastors come and bless the start of new council terms every two 
                                                                                  years during new council members installation.

                                                                             *   Proposed the idea to have the City's annual Cleanup day be a joint Venture with the Rotary Clubs of
                                                                                  Broomfield to support ARC with donations with useable items on the same day.

                                                                             *   Worked with city staff to survey and identify unique retail possibilities within Broomfield

                                                                             *   As Council member of Ward 4 supported concerned parents request to get a traffic light installed at 136th   
                                                                                   & Cedar for students to have safe passage to Aspen Creek School.

                                                                              *   Collaborated with Eagle Trace Conclave residents to get path included in city maintenance plan that
                                                                                   benefited all neighbors in the area with an additional well maintained walking trail.

                                                                               * Served 4  years on the Local Licensing Board.

                                                                               * Two  years on the Public Art committee and was on the board when the Art on Loan concept was

                                                                               * Worked several years with municipalities in Adams County while acting as council liaison for group.

 Chamber Of Commerce:           *   Elected to Board of Directors in 2009 and immediately filled a vacancy for the Secretary position.

                                                                             *  Was elected Chairman of the Board in 2011. During my tenure we doubled the size of our facility, worked
                                                                                 out a co-location agreement with the Broomfield Economic Development Corporation,  laid the the ground
                                                                                 work to implement the Broomfield Business Resource Center, and presented the Broomfield City & County
                                                                                 a funding proposal to help local business's grow and succeed.