Randy Ahrens Broomfield Mayor                

Vision and Ideas

Transportation:         Continue to focus on transportation issues to ease congestion in and around City & County. Have idea to help divert some
                                                    traffic off 144th avenue to Northwest Parkway by issuing special transponders to local residents and possibly employees
                                                    of local business's commuting east to west. Need to continue work with  US 36 Commuting Solutions and the successful
                                                    collaborations of the communities along US 36 corridor as well  continuing to work with North Area Transit Alliance
                                                    to insure our area gets it fair share of the Fast Tracks funding. Need to continue to build relationships and get the Jefferson
                                                    Parkway completed. There are several milestone payments worth 40 & 60 million we need to capitalize on. Need to get 
                                                    State Hwy 7 improved as a regional roadway project. Continue to work to achieve regional funding for transportation
                                                    projects for Broomfield tax payers are not solely burdened with the costs.

Economic Development:   In our city, we are fortunate to have a Master Plan that defines the impact of various developments within our
                                                                     community. Residential development  is vital to draw in retail development and in turn commercial development
                                                                     but must be in balance with commercial growth. While on council, we developed a matrix that needs to be 
                                                                     followed and maintained to insure the proper mix of land usage. Having spent 6 years on the Broomfield
                                                                     Economic Development Board of directors and 4 years on the Executive committee of the Broomfield Chamber . 
                                                                     I have had the privilege of meeting most of the key players in our development community and can work very
                                                                    comfortably with them.

Financial Stability:    Zero Based Budgeting needs to continue. Our city is different than most as we are a combined City and County and thus
                                                     enjoy a distinct advantage of controlling expenditures by combining many city & county functions. { an example would be
                                                     the police department taking on the duties of a county Sheriff department thus only needing one entity} While on council,
                                                     I  helped develop and lobby to have a City & County Council implement a long term financial plan and also set up a vital
                                                     Reserve Fund.  One of the key factors to financial stability is maintaining  sustainable growth  plan already established.                          
Business Growth:     Obtaining new companies bringing in Corporate Headquarters is vital to the future success of Broomfield. We are fortunate
                                                    to have so many marquee companies already having located here in our community and it is our responsibility to
                                                    work with them to allow them to grow and prosper. I will continue to work with the local Broomfield Chamber
                                                    to  facilitate the enhancement of the newly created Broomfield Business Resource Center, located within the Chambers
                                                    facilities, especially since I was on the Chamber when this dream was realized and part of the team that made this happen.
                                                    Have met several times with the new Access Broomfield Economic Development group to help facilitate foundation.

Residential Growth:    Responsible residential growth means working with developers in encouraging  projects compatible with our financial
                                                         plan and to insure we have the proper resources in order to provide for our future residents. In Broomfield, we have
                                                         a desire that new growth should " Pay it's own Way", and I believe this policy should continue.

Open Space:               Having served on both the Open Space & Trails Committee and Broomfield Open Space Foundation for many years, I  have
                                                    a clear understanding and appreciation of the benefits maintaining and growing our trail and open space projects can bring. I
                                                    was on the City Council when the idea of working together with Westminster to obtain the Metzger Property in a collaborative
                                                    effort was conceived and implemented. { This process actually ended up costing us about a third of what we might
                                                    have paid if we attempted to do the projects alone}. I have been fortunate to have attended every National Trails Day
                                                   program and been apart of each program to showcase new trail connections in the City & County.

Recreation:               I firmly believe we should actively work to obtain additional family themed facilities with our City boundaries. I would also
                                                   like to construct a few more " Bike Hills" like near Main & Midway for our youth. I recall riding on those when I was 10
                                                   I see no reason why a few more could not be made available as they cost virtually nothing to maintain.                   
                                                   Investigate getting the word "Broomfield" included in the name at the !st Bank Center center. It is showplace within our
                                                  community and with some of the national stars performing there, I think we should be able to garner some name
                                                  recognition for Broomfield

Oil & Gas:                    I support the recommendations of the City Council's appointed Oil & Gas task force committee. Which includes many standards 
                                                  that deal with health and safety concerns. Anyone who's attended a Council meeting relating to Oil & Gas knows that I'm
                                                  not in favor of any well pads near our future reservoir. I've championed the effort to try and work with our other local
                                                  elected officials to form a coalition to improve state regulations in promoting health and safety for all of our citizens.
                                                  I was successful in having Governor Hickenlooper come to our community to learn first hand our process in dealing
                                                  with Oil & Gas Issues. Furthermore, we were able to schedule a meeting with several commissioners for the COGCC
                                                  to learn first hand our residents concerns.